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9 Churchill Parade, The Street, Rustington, West Sussex, BN16 3DJ

Telephone: 01903 715796   


Company No. 12007712 

Vat Registration: 325737982


To protect your own interests please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before agreeing to them as they apply to any contract between us for the supply of work and materials as detailed in the Quotation.

WINDSOR KITCHEN & BATHROOMS LTD will be referred to as “the Company” or “We” and “the Customer” will be the client whose name is detailed on the Quotation.

  1. WORKING HOURS: The Customer shall give access within the Company’s usual working hours of Monday – Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.   In the event of this not being given and overtime being worked at the Customer’s request, the extra cost will advised to the Customer and be chargeable in addition to the quoted price.

  2. PROGRAM OF WORK: We aim to start the works by the date we either agree with you or notify to you.  Notwithstanding this, no guarantee or firm commitment can be given of the date of commencement or completion of works.  We will offer a week commencing start date. This is the date at the start of the week that we hope to begin works. All commencement dates are provisional and the actual start day/date will be confirmed with the Customer during the preceding week.  We will make every effort to complete the work by any time agreed with you. You must appreciate, however, that sometimes delays may occur for reasons beyond our control and we cannot be held responsible for those delays. If such delays occur we will complete the work as soon as possible. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, beyond the reasonable control of the Company, the Company will contact the Customer and agree an alternative date.

  3. MAKING GOOD: If we agree to make good any damage caused in the course of our work to plaster, floors or brickwork etc. we will do so to a standard which will accept redecoration. Where damage is deemed to be caused by negligence of the Company’s Employee, we will make good, or offer compensation, or pass details to our insurers. Cuts or holes made to allow for equipment will, where possible, be made good. Floor boards removed will be refitted where possible.

  4. WATER HEATING: Where we agree to carry out work to any part of a system, we assume that the rest of the system is in good condition. We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused or extra work required if this is not so.

  5. WAYLEAVES: The Customer shall be responsible for obtaining and retaining any necessary consents, easements or wayleaves and for any re-instatement of disturbed ground and in the case of extensions, to underground distributing mains or of overhead distributing lines which are within the Customers own property or on privately owned property over which the Customer has rights of access or tenancy.

  6. LICENCES: The Customer shall obtain any license, permit or other authority necessary for the execution of the work, covering inside, outside and areas surrounding the property.

  7. GUARANTEE: Subject as mentioned below, the Company guarantees all installations, excluding any appliances, furniture or supplied items, which are covered under their own Manufacturer’s Warranty, provided they have been fixed by its Employees under this Quotation, for a period of 12 months from the date of completion of the works.  Should any issues be found due to faulty workmanship within that 12 month period, the Company will replace or repair the item in question, free of charge. Manufacturer’s Warranty covers all installed appliances and should these become defective in any way, the relevant appliance after care service will visit and repair or replace as it deems suitable and their decision is final and cannot be overruled by the Company.  The Company guarantee does not cover defects due to poor manufacture, fair wear and tear, abuse or misuse, the replacement of lamps, drivers, transformers or fuses, or any causes beyond the control of the Company.  If any person who has not been specifically authorised by the Company carries out any repairs, alterations or additions to the equipment installation and/or apparatus, all guarantees shall be null and void.  Certain items require extreme care once installed and cannot be replaced free of charge.  These include, but are not exclusive to, any Antique Gold finish product, toilet seat hinges, bath screen seals, silicon, painted panels, lights, light bulbs and low voltage transformers.  Manufacturers Care and Cleaning advice should be adhered to.  The installation of all goods and equipment is specifically designed for the standard domestic situations.  Use of any products in a commercial situation and that includes, but is not exclusive to, guest houses, care homes, nursing homes, business premises, shops, public houses, clubs, offices, etc., will invalidate all Manufacturer’s guarantees and our standard 12 month installation guarantee will be reduced to 1 month.

  8. FLUCTUATIONS: Invoices are strictly nett and the quoted price is subject to any variation in taxation.  Quotations will be adjusted to meet any tax price variations in labour or materials occurring after the date of the quotation.

  9. TERMS OF PAYMENT: Payment shall become due on demand unless otherwise agreed.

If you wish to proceed please note the payment stages, including VAT, as outlined in the payment schedule issued with your quotation.  Deposits due on acceptance of quote to hold a given possible start date, Commencement payment due before first day of installation, Interim payments where applicable, Balance on Completion of Installation (excluding any additions/credits)

The balance outstanding of the quoted price is due on completion of the installation. The Customer shall not be entitled by reason of any alleged minor defect or where items are waiting for installation due to supplier delay, beyond the Company’s control, to withhold more than a proportionate amount of the sum due. Failure to pay the balance outstanding will entitle the Company to charge interest on the balance at the rate of 3% interest above HSBC base rate

In the event of legal action taken by the Company, for breach of payment, the customer shall be responsible for all costs allowable by the courts if an award is made in the Company favour.

  1. PROGRESS PAYMENTS: Progress payments’ (if applied for) will be agreed between the Company and the Customer and a written payment schedule produced. In the event of a progress payment not being made in full as per the agreed schedule, the Company shall have the right to stop all work forthwith and shall, at its option, be entitled to treat the Contract as having been repudiated by the Customer and to charge the Customer for work done and materials supplied on a quantum merit basis, without prejudice to the Company.  Should the Company elect to resume work upon such payment being made, the expense incurred by such stoppage and the subsequent resumption of work shall be chargeable to the Customer in addition to the quoted price. The non-completion of the building as a whole or of the work of any other trade shall not affect or delay any payment due.  The Company retains ownership upon all materials, plant and machinery, even though installed or delivered on site, for the whole of any unpaid balance due to the Company.

  2. EXTRA COSTS: In the event of suspension or cancellation of work at the request of the Customer, or lack of instructions or delay on site, caused by matters beyond the control of the Company, any extra expense thereby incurred shall be chargeable to the Customer.  If overtime is worked or alterations are made at the request of the Customer, the extra cost incurred, including a reasonable addition for administration expenses and overhead charges will be met by the Customer.

Should the Customer cancel the contract prior to the work commencing, any goods already ordered and received by the Company will incur a restocking fee, set by the supplier, chargeable to the Customer.  If items cannot be returned to the supplier then the cost of the goods shall be payable by the Customer. 

  1. POSITIONS OF FITTINGS etc.: Positions of lighting points, switches, sockets, plant etc., if not provided for in the quotation, or an associated drawing, are to be determined before work is commenced and any change required therein shall be notified by the Customer to the Company Employee, in sufficient time so as not to impede the progress of the work.  Any extra work necessary to meet such changes will be chargeable to the Customer in addition to the quoted price.

  2. ELECTRICAL SAFETY: The installation work will comply with the current edition of the I.E.E. Regulations for the Electrical Equipment of Buildings.  Any tests required by the Customer will be charged additionally to the quoted price unless such tests are definitely specified and included in the quotation.

  3. LOSS OR DAMAGE: ‘The Company will not be liable under this contract for any loss or damage caused by them, their employees or agents in circumstances where losses were actually unforeseeable to the parties when the contract was formed.

  4. DELIVERY OF GOODS TO SITE:  The Company will liaise with the Customer to allow all ordered goods to be brought to site upon commencement of installation.   Customer and Company to make space available for acceptance of goods once delivered to site.

  5. DAMAGE IN TRANSIT: Where the price quoted includes delivery, the Company will repair or replace, free of charge, goods damaged in transit, provided the carriers and the Company receive notification of such damage, confirmed in writing within seven (7) days, but not otherwise.

  6. SUPPLIED GOODS: The Company can in no way be held responsible or liable for imperfections found in any manufacturers products or goods supplied, installed or used by the Company.  For example: Aluminium tile trim may contain scratching which is to be expected.  Lengths may or may not be full, but will be made up of no more than 3 (three) pieces.

  7. NATURAL SURFACES - GRANITE, SOLID WOOD WORKTOPS & FLOORS, GLASS: Notwithstanding that a sample of the Goods can be inspected by the Customer, such sample is so shown and inspected solely to enable the Customer to judge for itself the quality of the bulk and not so as to constitute a sale by sample. The Customer shall take the Goods at its own risk as to their corresponding with the said sample and subject to the normal variation between bulk and sample accepted by the trade. It should be clearly understood that in many cases the materials used are natural products and as such are subject to variations in colour, texture, oddities in the grain etc. and no claim due to these variances will be accepted.

  8. CONCEALED CONDITIONS AND HIDDEN DEFECTS: This Quotation is based solely on the observations the Company was able to make with the structure in its current condition. If additional concealed conditions or hidden defects are discovered once work has commenced, which were not visible at the time the site was visited, the Company will stop work and point out these unforeseen concealed conditions to the Customer.  Any additional works and costs required are to be agreed with the Customer and a separate revised or extra contract quotation provided.  This may include, but is not exclusive to, the following: Hidden gas or water pipes which require moving, damaged wall or floor surfaces once current covering removed, etc

  9. DESIGNS, SKETCHES & CAD IMAGES: Any designs or computer-generated images provided are an interpretation of your desires and are intended for consideration only. They are not to be taken as the contract specification.  Please refer to the items listed in your quotation for specified products.

All designs and sketches are submitted in confidence and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, they and the copyright remain the property of the Company until the initial deposit is paid.  

  1. YOUR QUOTATION:  Please ensure your final quotation and acknowledgement are checked thoroughly to ensure all the colours and goods are correct and all the work you require is included, as only the work listed in the fitting schedule will be carried out within the price quoted.  Any additional small works required after commencement of initial contract will be quoted for and will then be added to the final invoice.  Large jobs will be quoted for and treated as a new contract.

  2. SCOPE OF CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT: These conditions of contract will apply in full to all quotations and work carried out and/or apparatus or equipment supplied by the Company under such quotations except where specifically agreed in writing to the contrary.

  3. JOINT LIABILITY: Should this contract be in a joint name, i.e. Mr & Mrs, then both parties will be held jointly, and severably, liable for the completion of this contract and both agree to be held responsible for the details in the contract.

  4. PRIVACY POLICY: Your personal data will never be sold or used for marketing purposes by any Third Party. Your information may be processed by Windsor Kitchen & Bathrooms Ltd to a Third Party for deliveries, returns or spare parts in respect of this contract.  We may also contact you with respect to this contract for the purpose of any maintenance, upgrades, product recalls or advice.

Our full Privacy Policy is available to read on our website at or you can request a paper copy from the office to be sent by post or email.

Receipt of the initial deposit, from the Customer, will be taken by the Company as confirmation that you have read and understood the terms of this agreement and have had the opportunity to raise any queries about the terms with the Company and will therefore be deemed as acceptance of our terms and conditions.  

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