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Windsor Fitted Bathrooms

We offer a full design and installation service and also a supply only service, to suit whatever your requirements. As a specialist independent bathroom supplier and installer in West Sussex we can source from any manufacturer and accessories provider.

Practical or luxurious, with so many styles, materials and accessories to choose from, we can help you make the right choice to create a stylish yet practical bathroom, within your budget.


Please feel free to take a look at our Bathroom Gallery for some examples of our work and perhaps get some ideas or inspiration for your own bathroom.


Houses often have more than one bathroom, the main ones being full bathroom, master bathroom and half bathroom. When deciding on layout and style you need to consider who uses the bathroom and what look and feel you would like to create, for instance practical, relaxing or indulgent.


Full Bathroom

This is the most common type of bathroom and includes a bathtub, shower, sink, mirror, toilet and storage. The full bathroom is the family bathroom so it is important that this room is designed in the most space efficient and practical way, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.


Master Bathroom

Master bathrooms are generally attached to master bedrooms and are often luxurious and spa-like to provide peace and relaxation. Master bathrooms often include double vanities with sinks and mirrors, Jacuzzi bathtub, steam shower and semi-private toilet.


Cloakroom or Half Bath

A cloakroom is commonly found on the ground floor and is sometimes called a half bath. A half bath has just a toilet and sink, as opposed to a full service bathroom which has a toilet, sink, shower and a bath. It is sometimes called a powder room or guest bathroom, but whatever you call it, the small room with mirror, sink and toilet probably gets a lot of use from family members and guests.


While a half bath can add convenience and value to your home (especially if it is beautifully designed) one of the biggest challenges they present are their cramped or problematic layouts so they need to be designed for the best layout, creating maximum storage space and styled in a way which makes the room feel spacious not cramped. Large tiles in small bathrooms actually make the room seem larger!


You only have a limited number of ways to arrange your half bath as it is generally a very small room. Keep in mind that the door will open into the room and you don’t want it hitting the toilet or sink.


Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are becoming more and more popular, they look stylish and create a contemporary look. There are a wide range of wet room styles to suit every taste and they are a good way to add value to your home.

Please contact us if you would like more information.

Call Windsors today on  01903 715796 to discuss your bathroom project.

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